Missa Tecum principium Maria plena virtute

Robert Fayrfax
Vol 2  (Released: 2/10/95)
ASV Gaudeamus CDGAU145

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Maria plena virtute

Missa Tecum principium Maria plena virtute
(Robert Fayrfax)

The Missa Tecum principium is perhaps Fayrfax’s most beautiful mass setting, especially the final movement setting the words of the Agnus Dei. Taking a Christmas melody as its theme, it is obviously a later work in the composer’s output. Serene and also powerful, it shows a master musician at work. With it is a most remarkable antiphon – Maria plena virtute. This is a meditation on the Passion and can be counted as the composer’s finest work. Here also are the plangent sounds of the Frideswide Consort playing three exquisite instrumental pieces.

… a compelling musical and spiritual experience. Impeccable ensemble and superb dynamic control … an outstanding disc. BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE