Concert: York Early Music Festival

Date: Thursday 17 July 2014, 7.30 pm    Venue: York

Spain: Defender of the Faith

At its height Spain was the most powerful, the most influential and the richest country in 16th century Europe. With rich territories in the New World and a powerful set of alliances in Europe the Spanish were the primary defenders of the Catholic faith in the post-Reformation world.  The music produced by Spanish composers in the second half of the sixteenth century is some of the finest ever to have been penned. Their music is more expressive, more colourful and more intense than the sunnier writing of many Italian contemporaries. At the head of this group sits the great Tomas Luis de Victoria whose magnificent nine-part Missa Salve regina appears in this programme alongside motets by Victoria and rare contributions from the unfairly neglected Juan Esquivel and Alonso Lobo.

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