L’homme arme

The image of the armed man ready for battle and who is to be afeared by all is also an appropriate one for the risen Christ. Not only is this programme based around the Easter victory but also it consists of music by two Renaissance giants and friends – Palestrina and Victoria. Masters of their art and highly revered in their day, they are seen here in various guises. Palestrina either exultant and dramatic (Victimae paschali) or powerful and inventive as he weaves his magic on the secular tune L’homme armé and turns it into an exquisite mass setting. Victoria sometimes sombre and reflective, coloured by Spanish religious fervour (Vere languores nostros) but more often vibrant and even dance-like in his Easter joy (Regina caeli and Victimae paschali laudes).

The Cardinall’s could make music out of a John Prescott speech. The Times

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