The Tudors

Perhaps the most colourful dynasty in British history, the Tudors ruled England from 1485 until 1603 which saw England rise from an isolated island to a major power capable of influencing events in continental Europe and taking part in its military adventures. They also presided over a devastating series of events which are collectively termed the Reformation which destroyed and then gradually rebuilt the fabric of society. Great music was written for these monarchs. Large-scale music for Henry VII and his second son Henry VIII – works to praise the Almighty but also to impress courtiers and visitors. Then smaller, highly devotional motets for the more severe times of Edward VI, a burst of Catholic colour for Queen Mary and then a glorious end to the decade with the rise of English music to its zenith under Elizabeth.

This varied programme is a procession of the great names from England’s past all knit together by a specially prepared narrative introducing the monarchs whom they served.

Andrew Carwood, director of The Cardinall’s Musick, …has bags of personality and the performance of English music he led had the pulse and intensity of real feeling. The Daily Telegraph

Programme Includes:

Magnificat William Cornysh the Elder
Eterne laudis lilium Robert Fayrfax
Pastime with good companye Henry VIII
Jesu salvator saeculi Thomas Tallis
Laetentur caeli William Byrd

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